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The new PSN Code Generator v6.5 (2013-2014) beta has recently been released and published it for free, you now can download and enjoy its amazing features. We have worked very hard on it, and since yet we haven’t observed any bugs/errors, so if you found any, kindly please leave a comment on this page, and let us know what to do further on the next update of this, and also improve it as much as we can. The team doesn’t always looks forward to make it work only, but also looks for the user friendly-design in which the user will not be bored, and shall be comfortable using it, and to conclude something really significant about this is that you should not over-use it, violate it, multiple times on same account, share it elsewhere freely, fake claim, false reputation about this program and as you can see that whenever you open it, there’s your ip in the program which we receive, and note/list down the number of people using it currently/online recently/been used how much times by a particular ip, which means we denote all of them information in our database, so any misuse of this program may result in the black listing of your ip which causes into being banned from the use of this program permanently, there’s already high traffic, and too much people looking for this, so we do not care about you being black listed.

What will I do if I found bugs?

You can report them on this page by leaving a comment, or sending a private contact message to our administration/main support team email:, we review all the messages sent by the people to us, so be patient whilst we respond you, spamming your message/sending it multiple times, thinking that it will increase the chance of being responded faster, well definitely not, we refuse spammers, and we often trash the junk messages, so be careful.

About the program:

This is PSN Code Generator v6.5 Beta version released, since people were desperately waiting for its release, and we have come up with a fast progress and development, and after some days we will release the complete version, taking suggestions from people, and some more information which will help us develop the program more firmly.

Download it first.

Secondly, it will load and connect to our databases, servers and will derive some information that is needed to send packets to PSNetwork.

Thirdly, it will start, there’s a login groupbox which lets you login in your account and proceed to the next section, adding some dollars to your PSN account wallet.

Fourthly, click on login, and then it will login if your information is right, else it will deny the wrong information provided.

And lastly, you’ll have the final form in which you can choose the amount of PSN Codes you want, how much dollars, and etc.

Codes that this program generates:

New codes*features to come in new version:





Download the program, here:

Link Updated:02/09/2013*


Getting error of NET framework while opening.

Please download the latest Net framework from here and install it.The after installing please run the program it will work.

Why I have to complete survey?

The point behind completing survey is that this program can not serve many users.Secondly surveys are meant to protect this program from being abused or used out of limitation,this means the program is only meant to be given to only those users who are really in need of this or can not afford such big prices.So we have found this method useful to avoid any other causes of this program.Now its your choice to fill in short survey or leave it.


If you have any problems opening the program or any error please comment here.

Thank you for reading and visiting our site.






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  1. WTF OMG OMG OMG First hack working

    By pouya
  2. Endless thanks for PSN codes.Got my $50 code.

    By psn code generator
  3. I have been using this about 2 weeks ago.Now i have $525 balance.Gonna buy something.

    By TP
    • That’s great seeing as how the limit you your PSN wallet is $150.00

      By AA
  4. Working perfect.thank you

    By younix
  5. Got My psn code too.I would rly recommend this . Thanks very much gxprocord

    By Lour Carilon
  6. The offers are so quick.After doing small survey,finally got my psn code.thanks

    By Sammy
  7. Probably here this one is working.

    By Enyon Kiyan
  8. Just came at the real PSN code generator.I have completed survey and got own key for psn :) Thank you so much.

    By Dino Sinx
  9. works great

    By DFS
  10. For me this one works :D

    By zixiutang
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    By leofrancko
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    By james
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      By Kiyon

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